The Simple Things

The joy at completing your to do list

Having a tidy house

Having time to walk the dog,

The dog bounding around with joy on his walk, tail up and sniffing everywhere you go

Child climbing the slide, the right way and the wrong way

But having fun both ways

Eating dinner outside

In the glorious evening weather

Eating strawberries straight from your plants

Laughing at the excitement of eating the strawberries

Waking in the morning after a good nights sleep

Reading a picture encyclopedia at 7.45am

I know strange but true

It all the simple things that count

But that get forgotten throughout the day

But sometimes when the simple things get noticed

Your day seems a little bit brighter and a lot happier!

This week the Writing Workshop prompt is What Today Meant, please pop over and read the other posts, and why not join in!

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