Last week I wrote about 12 months 1 book.

Where over the cause of the year I, along with others will attempt to write a book.

Having only launched the idea last week, and having a plan of putting the first linky up at the beginning of December, I am now a bit stuck.

Mainly because I can not decide what to go with.

I wrote about my collection of notebooks, that all have a couple of pages of ideas in and nothing else in.

But since deciding to try to write a book in a year, none of the ideas actually look that great anymore.

So now I am stumped!

I am not really sure what to write about, where to start the book, or how to develop the book.

Is it possible to get writers block, before you even put one letter to the keyboard? If it is I think I have it…

It looks like I will be the only one that happens to be hosting the linky that doesn’t have any sort of start to their book.

My creative juices have completely stopped flowing, and currently I am not sure where to find them to get them started again.

So the writers out there, if you have any advice then please do shout about it and let me know.

As I am completely stumped…

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