Still Here!

I am still here, I am a little bit busy but still here.

As well as being a full time mum to an almighty sprightly 3 year old who is full of beans every single day, running the house, looking after Mr L and the ten thousand animals that we seem to have including the one that I totally got conned into having. Running my own business and volunteering at Creative Connections I have decided to do this too…

I started this writing course in January 2009 when Baba was only 3 months old and I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do after maternity leave as I had no job to go back to.

It was before I started Scrapbookerry, it was even before I started blogging but then things took over and stuff happened and it really got put to the side and I forgot all about it. However this year I got the urge to get cracking on my writing again. I spoke to the course organisers and was all raring to go in March, but obviously I was a little side tracked with Rhianna. So I put it off for a few extra months, and this month I decided that I really wanted to get back into it, actually needed to get back into it I think. I have so much to write, need to write. So many things in my head that I want out and organised so it is the right time for me.

I am excited about it, and am really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. But there is a lot of organising to do at home. Trying to work out the time to do the studying, and keep on top of everything else. There are a thousand and one things that I need to be doing all the time and I need to get a little organised to make sure that nothing slacks and that I stay on top of everything.

Wish me luck I may need it!

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