Books, Books, And Books

A couple of days ago the lovely Beth, tweeted about a book sale that she was having to get rid of some books before she moved. I love books, I got my Kindle for my birthday which I love, but I also love having a stack of books in the house, and love looking at huge piles of them all over the house.

I think it is something that has been breed into me, I have vivid memories as a child of my mum making our dinner with one book in her hand, and there are always being books in our house. I remember going to visit her friends, with a bag of books being swapped and changing hands. I used to love it when I was a teenager all the new books that she would get, as mum never took long to read them so they were quickly put in the read pile, and it would be a race to read them before they were moved to the next person. It was a steady stream in our house and I think all of that made me believe that a house is not a home unless it is full of books.

It is something I believe in strongly and something that I have installed in Baba, at the age of 3 he owns near on 200 books, and he loves his books. He is a boy, a three-year old boy at that and his room is always a mess, but there is always a sense of pride, as his room is always full of books. He pulls them out and ‘reads’ them, via the pictures and his memory to all of his toys and teddies. I love that he has a love for books and hope that it continues throughout his life, I think you seriously miss out on things without a love of books.

As well as my love of books, I also love to write, and I have spoken before about my creative writing course. Which if I am totally honest has not had much done to it with all the rubbish that has been the beginning of this year! But I am determined to finish it. So when I looked at Beth’s list there were a selection of writing books on the list, ‘The Handbook of Short Story Writing’ ‘Your Writing Story’ ‘The Five-Minute Writer’ and ‘A Book Of Two Halves’ all of them shouted out to me and I put in an order so to speak.

I actually did forget about the books, too many things happened over the weekend for me to remember, so when the postman turned up with them yesterday I was stumped as to what was arriving and was pleasantly surprised when I saw what it was. I studied the books yesterday and dipped in and out of them. They all look great books and I think that all of them will be useful.

It has given me a little umph, a bit of inspiration to get moving and get started on the course again. Last night Mr L and I discussed where to move my writing station too, as it isn’t working where it is at the moment, so it is going to be moved. I am hoping that the weekend will be when everything will be moved around, and then I will be a little happier and motivated to do a little more writing and work.

But until the move, I have a few books that are providing a lot of inspiration and making my brain work hard as I am reading things and sitting thinking about what the books are saying, or nodding my head in total agreement. So a great big thank you to Beth and her book sale!

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