Slimming World Update

I haven’t done a Slimming World update for a while, not since the 12th October.

In that time I have put on half a pound, lost a pound, stayed the same, lost half a pound and this week again lost half a pound.

Meaning that my total loss as it stands today is 2st 3.5lbs.

I definitely haven’t had the best few weeks, and I know I haven’t been at my best eating wise.

Snacks have crept back in, and I am not being that great at organising our food.

I really need to get back into that mindset and get a little more organised with what I am eating and what I am snacking on!

Hopefully that will help me with my loss over the next week if I can reign this in, especially the snacks.

This week I am going to write down everything we eat and really record my syns and be very honest about it!


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