Slimming World Update!

I have been so focused on doing Capture Your Grief this month that I haven’t updated my Slimming World journal for the last couple of weeks.

Last week I lost half a pound.

Making my loss total 2 stones and a pound. I was expecting a bit of a bigger loss and was a little annoyed about it to be honest.

But tried to remember that a loss is a still a loss and not to get to upset about it.

This week I was dreading weigh in.

Probably the worst I have ever felt about getting weighed in before.

So when I got there and had lost a pound I was really surprised.

I have had an awful week, suffering with a migraine for three days and really have just eaten whatever I could manage to make or eat.

So to have lost a pound was amazing and I was really pleased.

This weekend we are away and have BB birthday, so if I loose anything will be amazing.

I am finally starting to see a difference in how I look, and am really pleased in 21 weeks I have lost two stone and two pounds.


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