Sleep Is So Overrated!

So I am back in the throes of not sleeping. I am fine during the day but as soon as night-time hits, I seem to just lay there staring into space. My eyes are so tired that they hurt and sting, but still sleep never comes.

I see in midnight, 1am, 2am and sometimes 3am before I finally get to sleep. I didn’t sleep well Thursday night, I was just to mentally full as I had so many ideas in my head, so Friday I was tired. But I battled through and then went to work in the evening, which meant another very late night. The problem with being a babysitter, is you come in at 12.30am and you are full of energy, to then fall straight asleep is hard work. So yet again I was laying staring at space, doing nothing. 

I then made the massive mistake of sleeping Saturday I was so tired, and had such a headache that I had to give in. Which was fine and I did need it but then I was wide awake most of Saturday night, never a good plan. Last night I sat on the sofa doing a little work, after a fun packed and full day, and I was shattered my eyes felt like they were going to shut and I was generally very tired.

I went to bed and as soon as my head hit the pillow, even though my eyes were stinging I just laid there. Nothing I could do would make it easier to sleep, and it was 1.30am before I knew it, I was so tired. It was impossible to sleep, my back was hurting and nothing would make my eyes close. I finally got to sleep about 2.30am and then woke periodically with the sniffles, sneezing and a nose bleed. I swear I am not getting ill again! This is just not fair.

This morning Mr L got up for work at 6am and Baba came rushing in, wanting to watch some children’s TV, I could have personally slept for the rest of the day. I am tired, I am not sure whether I have some other illness to contend with or whether it is just pregnancy related. But I am sure that this lack of sleep is doing nothing to improve my immune system from the last illness in this pregnancy! It is seriously getting beyond a joke, I would like to be well for more than two days.

I could sleep today, Baba is at preschool, but a part of me thinks that if I do I wont sleep again tonight. So I am planning on being very busy today, and then going to bed with Baba at 7.30/8pm and trying to have a long sleep this evening and hoping that may actually sort this issue out. As really I like my sleep, I need my sleep otherwise if this carries on until July I will be a zombie when this baby is born!

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