Pork with Tomatoes and Mushrooms.

We are trying to eat better in our house, trying to cut out the rubbish we eat, and actual prepare our meals rather than just buying ready meals that are full of sugar and salt.

We are trying to vary our meals and gets lots of veg and fruit into our diets.

Yesterday we had Pork Chops, and to be honest pork chops aren’t my favourite so I wanted to do something a little different with them.

After looking at a few recipes online, I decided to make a version of roast pork chops with tomatoes and mushrooms from the allrecipe site. I say a version of it, as I didn’t make the spice rub, because I was cooking for the boys as well and I knew that neither of them would eat it with all those spices on the pork chops.

So instead I roasted the pork chops in cut tomatoes, and mushrooms with some olive oil. I literally used the mushrooms and tomatoes that I had left in the packet, and drizzled them with olive oil. I then moved them all to the side and put the chops in the middle of the pan and put them in the oven, at 220 degrees for 45 mins.

I then steamed some broccoli and carrots for the side.

I was going to do some roast potatoes, but instead I par boiled some new potatoes for 20 mins and then put them on a tray, drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with some salt and roasted them for a further 20 mins.

These came out gorgeous and was a great alternative to roast potatoes.

The end result was a gorgeous meal, and the pork did taste completely different, it almost had a chinese taste to it and Mr L actually thought it had chinese spices put onto it.

It wasn’t a difficult dinner, but it was nice and was different to our usual pork chops. One that we will be having again in the future.

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