Cooking a Duck

This week we brought some duck.

It is something we have ever had in our house before, we have duck pancakes if we are at the chinese, which we all love but cooking duck is a whole different ball game.

Something that neither of us were really sure how to do.

So we googled cooking a duck crown, and after lots of different recipes and sites we decided to actually cook it in the slow cooker.

It was simple, easy and could be left for the day.

I cut up some potatoes and carrots into chunks, and then placed the duck crown on the top of them. I seasoned the duck with some herbs and then put the slow cooker on high for 8 hours.

And left it cooking.

I didn’t add any sauce and just let the duck cook in its own sauces.

An hour before dinner I took it out of the slow cooker and took the lid off and put it in the oven. Covering the skin with the juices in the slow cooker and cooked it to make the skin crispy. This worked on some of the skin but not all of it.

But it really didn’t matter.

The duck fell away from the bone, and was beautifully flavoured.

We literally ripped the duck off the bone, heated some wraps, cut some cucumber, and spring onions and brought some hoisin sauce and made our own version of duck wraps.

And it was completely gorgeous.

I didn’t have time to take some pictures, I wish that I did, but nothing stayed on the plate for long and nothing was left on the plate for long, before it was all eaten up.

It was a quick, easy and delicious meal and one that we will be doing again in the very near future!

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