MyMemories Review

As you know from my previous post, I dip in and out of traditional and digital scrapbooking, and love to do both of them.

I love the ease of digital scrapbooking, and it the immediate effect of it, there is no printing of the photos before you can scrap them, it is a case of take the photo, edit it and scrapbook. With the ease of the laptop it is something I can do instantly after taking the photos, and can do in front of the TV as well. What a great way to spend an evening!

I don’t want digital scrapbooking to be difficult I am a firm believer that no scrapbooking should be difficult. Which is why I love MyMemories Suite

It is a digital scrapbooking software that is so easy to use and has great flexibility, you can be totally creative and develop your pages from scratch, or you can use pre made templates to make your pages. You can drag and drop your photos into the pages, or you can use the auto fill feature. So basically it is up to you how creative you can be, or how difficult or simple you can make the pages.

And you don’t have to just do scrapbook pages. You can use this software to create scrapbooks, photo books, custom gifts, invites and many more items.

If that isn’t enough you can get your digital pages printed professionally or you can print at home. It really covers everything and is a scrapbookers dream.

I love the ease of the software and that you can make a page, save an album and then add to that album as and when you need to. A great feature as I am not a chronological scrapbooker, I scrapbook pages as I have ideas for them, so always have lots of albums on the go at the same time.

It is quick as well.

Only this morning I made these two pages, within an hour, using the exact same items, but creating two completely different pages.

Such a simple style, nothing too complicated, two different pages that really compliment each other.

The library on the software has been perfectly fine for what I have needed so far, but the advantage of MyMemories is if I wanted some different items, or pages, their shop on the site is vast, and I have been looking regularly at the different items that can be brought. There really is something for everyone there, which I think is an added advantage, and all are so reasonably priced or even free. You can’t get better than that.

I certainly will be using MyMemories from now on for my digitally scrapbooking and will be recommending it to anyone that asks as well. As it is such a joy to work with.

And the best bit is that MyMemories have given me a lovely code for you the readers.


This code gives you $10 discount of the purchase of the My Memories Suite making the software only $29.99 which is a complete bargain as I promise you, you will use this software for many years and for many items.

Just go to this link to buy your software, click on Add to Cart and then enter this Code into the Promotional Code field on the Shopping Cart Page.


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