Health Check and Pregnancy Check

Yesterday I had to go back to the doctor, (it is becoming more of a regular place than my own home at the moment). My doctor wanted to check that the chest infection and sinuses had all gone, and I had to see him for my 23 week check, as our midwives are so busy around here that second time mothers are now being shared with doctors. Which is actually fine as I love my doctor and have never had a problem with him.

When I arrived however there was a student doctor with my usual doctor, and he was in charge of my consultation. He was fine, you know that you have to be a little more patient with student doctors and that wasn’t a problem. He checked that my chest infection was gone, and was happy that I was clear, and that my sinuses had all seemed to clear up.

He took my blood pressure, and my heart rate, and then five minutes later took it again. Then five minutes after that he took it again. Not saying anything to me and just checking the statistics, which I have to admit was making me a little frantic and I was getting worried. In the end after not telling me what he was doing I asked if everything was ok? s

This student doctor said that he was a little worried about my heart rate as it was consistently over 100 and he wasn’t sure what it meant, looking at my doctor he suggested that it may be my thyroid playing up and asked if there was any history of thyroid problems in my family. At this point, I was thinking what on earth was he going on about, and was actually raising my eyes to the ceiling a little. I looked at my own doctor for reassurance hoping that he may bring this eager student back down to earth.

Luckily my doctor is pretty grounded and just smiled at the student, and told him that he thought my thyroid was probably fine, for someone who was nearly 6 months pregnant I was very small and he didn’t think there was any issue there. He suggested that maybe I was a little panicked as he had just taken my blood pressure and heart rate three times in ten minutes and I had no clue what was happening. Ha point to me! He did tactfully say, that when I was at home to check my pulse rate when I was resting and if it was way over 100 then to call back to the doctors, but he was 100% it would be fine as it has always been fine in the past! Thank god for realistic doctors.

The student then checked my stomach and said that as far as he was concerned everything seemed fine, and that the scan had shown three weeks ago the baby was fine! I was a little concerned at that statement I will be honest, it all seemed a little flippant, but anyway. My own doctor then said that everything was fine with my urine sample, there was no sugar! You don’t know how happy I was to hear that, in hindsight I think that was probably the problem with my heart rate, I was so stressed about sugar being present so that was a massive relive, he was a little concerned that I may have a UTI god help me. So was sending it off for tests, I bloody hope I haven’t got that coming that is for certain. But told me to go home and drink lots and I would only get a call if the test was positive.

When I came home I got a little confuse to say the least, as I had to cancel my “Care in Pregnancy” lecture to go to the doctors, and then had a message to see my midwife next week! Well this baffled me, as I was supposed to be seeing my doctor instead of my midwife, so a phone call followed and after a bit of a chat my midwife decided that I would go in next week purely because no heart beat for the baby or anything was checked by the student and it would make her happier to see me.

So now I have another appointment next week, I forgot all these appointments, back and forth. So I am now still working hard on my diet to make sure that my sugar levels stay down next week as well. This is a job in itself I tell you.

But the good news, the best news was after all of the fussing yesterday for the first time, baby moved and I at last felt her. It has been bothering me for a while that I haven’t been able to feel her, she seems to be a daddies girl already as Mr L seems to feel her all the time. But I still can not feel her, so yesterday when I finally felt movement I was happy and very pleased!

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