Emotional Day

Yesterday was a very emotional day, I haven’t had that many emotional days with this pregnancy, Baba’s pregnancy was a completely different story. I was emotional most of the time, and I am not talking about getting a little stressed and agitated I mean full on crying. Most things made me cry when I was pregnant and I was a complete and utter nightmare.

I have got emotional due to being ill with this pregnancy and have cried a lot when I have had no sleep and for the umpteenth time I am coughing and being sick. But not just because I was feeling emotional and just had to cry.

Yesterday was one of those days, I knew it wasn’t going to be a good day as soon as I woke up, I could feel the emotions rising. Mr L and Baba went out to get my mother’s day presents and before long I was crying, while putting the washing out to dry for no reason at all. 

By the end of the day I had cried over the washing, over Mr L ringing me more than once to see what I wanted for Mother’s Day as I was upset he didn’t know what I wanted.

I cried over my ridiculous push chair envy that is getting worse and worse every week. We decided soon after we had Baba that we wouldn’t try for another baby until Baba no longer needed his pushchair so that we didn’t have to make the massive payment out again. We brought a lovely Graco travel system when I was pregnant with Baba, including the car seat and everything and there really is nothing wrong with it. It has been stored perfectly and will be fantastic for the new baby. However every time I hear that someone has brought their pushchair/pram for their baby I get a massive case of envy and the pit of my stomach feels ever so slightly sad. As I wish that we were once again buying a lovely pushchair for the new baby. I know that it is not practical, but still I would love a new sparkling pushchair for this little baby so for now I have to deal with my pushchair envy.

It got so bad yesterday that I even cried over Baba not listening to me. By that point in the day I was completely fed up and could have just disappeared to be honest. I just felt drained and ready to cry at everything.

It didn’t really go at all yesterday, although I did manage to stop it when we went out in the evening to visit family. But it was still hard, and I could have still cried most of the time that I was there to be honest. It really did carry on until I finally fell asleep last night.

It was by far the worst emotional day I have had within this pregnancy, and I hope that it was a one-off to be honest. As I really do not want the emotions to carry on like that for any longer. I am finally getting back on my feet and I do not need to be knocked back off them, simply by crying every single day really about nothing at all. That would just be awful to be honest, so I am hoping that it wont happen again.

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