Five Weeks On

It’s nearly five weeks since I started a new journey, my Juice Plus journey.

I started Juice Plus because I needed to lose weight for the wedding, I still need to lose weight for the wedding, and to feel healthier and to get a lot more fruit and vegetables into my diet.

I am a person who eats because I have to and doesn’t actually eat because I like food and I am a person that doesn’t drink enough and lives off chocolate.

In fact a healthy eating nightmare.

But not anymore!

In the past five weeks I have gone from drinking hardly anything except a few cups of coffee, to drinking 2-3 litres of very weak orange sugar-free squash (as I still hate water). I am passing up on McDonald’s and KFC to come home and make clean food, or to even have a plate of pitta bread humous and loads of salad.

I am wanting good food.

I snack on fruit and Baba and I have even been making some great sweet but healthy treats for us all to snack on.

I feel better, I have more energy, and I know that everything I am putting in my body is good.

I don’t want chocolate every day, which is probably the first time ever in my life that this has happened. I have had chocolate since I started Juice Plus, because that is the great thing I don’t feel that I have to stop anything, but only twice in the last five weeks. This is from a girl who used to live off chocolate and cake.

I am not wanting the sweet stuff.

I want the salad, fruit and vegetables. I love a plate full of vegetables, and I finally for the first time ever eat all my meals. Something I never used to do, I have always been a grazer, and now I eat. Which to me is a brilliant thing for my boys too see, Mummy eating a plate of view rather than pushing it around.

I am never hungry, I want my second shake of the day, but I am not starving I am just hungry at the right time, and I couldn’t ask for more.

People have started to comment that I look slimmer and my clothes are all starting to fall off me. In total since I started my Juice Plus journey I have lost 5 inches of my boobs, and waist and nearly 7 inches of my hips! It is something that I would never have thought I could do and something I am so pleased I have decided to do.

For me this was totally the right thing to do, it’s helped me, made me focus and has finally managed to shift some inches!

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