First Item On The Christmas Wish List

We are a technology based family, we always have been.

Mr L loves his gadgets, and if we had the money he would have every gadget going as soon as they were out on the market. I love gadgets as well, not the same type of gadgets as Mr L but I still have a great love for them, however we both have a love for computers, being for gaming, working, or photography. This joint love seems to have been inherited by Baba. Who seems to have a natural ability for computers.

He loves to sit and play games on them, and watch movies and to look up his programmes that he watches on TV. But he does struggle with a laptop and the PC keyboard, and the difference between the two different mouses. So when we had some surplus money at the beginning of the year we decided to buy a cheaper Arnova tablet from HMV, it is touch screen for Baba, meaning that he can play all of his games, and get to watch his films and go onto his programmes sites easily. It is great for Mr as he can also play his games and watch his movies, and surf the internet nice and easily. It is also great for me, as it has a good camera on it, and means I have something small and light weight that we can take anywhere, so I can blog, take pictures, and edit them all on the move. My own personal office wherever I go which is fantastic when I am trying to run a business from home.

It has served its purpose well, we have used it lots and it really has helped when we have had long car journeys, or been to hospital for Baba’s operation. Helping to entertain Baba when otherwise he would be very bored and anxious.

However the memory is not good and it really is at its full capacity now, because of this it is getting slow and things are crashing all the time. We would love to upgrade and ultimately on our Christmas Wish List this year we would have the iPad 3. All the things that we love as a family are included, and it would be perfect for all three of us. It is something that we keep looking at and go back and forth thinking about the possibility of buying one, we are always looking for good offers and one that keeps catching our eye at the moment is at Carphone Warehouse. It seems a really good deal and we keep number crunching to see whether we could give ourselves the ultimate family Christmas present this year!

I know that we would all love it, and it would be used on a daily basis by all of us. Although the only problem that may happen is that we would all want to use it all the time, and there would be lots and lots of rows!

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