Christmas Planning

Christmas is fast approaching, and every year our list of presents that have to be delivered seems to grow. Not many years ago we would be able to do this all with a few preplanned visits to friends and family, the exchanging of presents would happen and yes it may be a couple of weeks early or even a couple of weeks late, but we still managed to get everything sorted and all prepared before Christmas.

However the last couple of years we have done Christmas at home, we have been the ones preparing the house, and getting ready for everyone to come and descend on us for the most important day of the year, especially if you are four years old. This is also another issue, having a four year old means that he wants his presents and he wants them on Christmas day with all of his other presents. He would of course wait if he had too, however if he has them too early the only people that actually suffer our myself and Mr L as everyday is another request for more presents up until Christmas Day.

It isn’t just us that is in this position anymore, we are at that age where we all have friends with similar age children, and we are all scattered over the country and the world with excited little children waiting for Christmas and Santa to arrive.

So this year we are trying to be organised, I am trying to get everything sorted before Mr L’s birthday, usually I leave all shopping until after his birthday celebrations, to make sure that this year we have time to not have to run around and meet everyone. However lovely that will be, but time to get the presents wrapped and ready waiting for their collection from our house by Parcelforce to be delivered directly to the doors of our family and friends, rather than having to go down and fight the queues in the post office to send everything via the Royal Mail. All in time before Christmas, and all ready so that all of these excited children that we buy for can have them hidden by their Mummies and Daddies and put away until the totally important day of Christmas arrives, and then there are no children waiting everyone gets all of their presents on Christmas Day and even though we are so far away we are all included on that very special day.

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