Dear So And So…

Dear Baba’s Bug, Infection, Cold and Croup,

You seem to be weakening, this we like, now please disappear for a long long time. You completely wiped out Baba and it was horrible to see, so please do not come back and do it again. We want our usual noisy, bossy and boisterous child back!

Thanks Baba’s Mummy x


Dear Tito,

You are being a real pain at the moment and recently all I feel like I am doing is getting angry at you! Will you please stop now and go back to the usual lovely dog that you are. As I hate feeling like this too you and I know you know you are doing wrong, so why do you keep continuing to do it?

Love a Very Disgruntled Owner x


Dear The Weather

Could we have one or two nice days please, we really need to sort out the garden, clean the rabbits and do some washing and it would really help if it was ok weather over the weekend to get it all done!


A Busy Lady x


Dear Paperwork Pile

You are growing aren’t you? Everytime I look at you, you seem to have multiplied. This weekend I am going to beat you, you will all be organised and filed away and I can not wait!

A Very Focused Person x

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