Buddy and Boo

Bringing a baby home is such a massive life change.

It is a shock to the system with your first child, it takes some serious getting used to and I remember Mr L and I walking around in a daze after Baba came home.

But bringing home your second baby is a mission. Yes we were prepared for it, but we had to make sure that Baba was prepared for it and was ready for it. But it wasn’t just him.

A baby changes everyones life in your house, including all of our animals.

Tito has already been through the whole baby phase and we knew that he would be ok. He took to Baba straight away and they have a great relationship, and I think he knew anyway. He is a sensitive dog and his behaviour changes dramatically when I am pregnant and I am sure he knew Boo was on the way. The day we brought Boo home Tito had a look and a good sniff looked at me, looked at Mr L and literally rolled his eyes and trotted off to bed. Completely unfazed and hasn’t changed his attitude since.

Buddy was a different story.


We weren’t sure whether Buddy had been around babies before. Now nearly nine weeks later I think Mr L and I would say that he has never been around babies.

He didn’t really know what to make of Boo at first. For the first 48hours at home everytime Boo cried Buddy cried it was awful and Mr L and I were concerned.

Luckily the crying stopped but then the carnage started.

Buddy has always been an escape artist and he destroys. If he gets somewhere he shouldn’t it is like a tornado has gone off and anything in his way is destroyed. And over Christmas we got the full brunt of his destruction.

Between Tito and Buddy they worked out how to get through the top gate into our bedrooms and Buddy worked out how to get into the nappy bin and he shredded them on more than one occassion. He caused tears, fights and upset. He ate things he shouldn’t eat and we were getting to the end of our tethers. Both at different times.

We were tired, we had a colicky, reflux non sleeping Boo, we had Baba with an ear infection and Buddy decided to make sure we remembered he was here.

It was a hellish couple of weeks and I was ready to give up (and I am not that type of person, we take on an animal and we keep them however much of a pain they are) but Buddy was pushing his limits.

Mr L convinced me to give him another chance and we went and brought another gate. We have so many baby gates its crazy. But it wasn’t as tall as our old gates so we decided that we would move all the gates around keeping the tall ones at the doors and adding another stopping the dogs getting to the art table under the stairs.

Our house is now like fort knots we seem to have gates everywhere but I think (and I say this quietly) that Buddy is getting used to Boo. Nappies are an obsession of his and changing Boo can cause many issues as Buddy wants to get really involved. He doesn’t understand boundaries with Boo and just wants to lick him so we do have to watch him. But we seem to have a bit calmer dog than we had a few weeks ago.

It seems to have been a massive adjustment for Buddy but I am hoping that we have turned a corner and that in future years Buddy and Boo will have as great a relationship as Tito and Baba have now.

Did you have a dog when you brought your baby home how did they cope with the changes?

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