Big Bro’s Writing

We have been moving around all the rooms.

We cleared out our lounge and kitchen and removed all the toys, we sorted out Boo’s room giving him more space and all of his toys in his room.

And we have moved BB into our room and we are moving into the top room.

So today was the day to sort out all of BB’s room.

When I cam across some of his notebooks, and inside was this piece of writing and I loved it…

Most of BB’s writing is about animals, fish, sharks and beaches.

His love for the sea is huge.

And I love reading his pieces, it shows his love for the sea and the creatures that live in it.

And I am so glad I wrote this down when I saw it, as when the room was finished he decided this was rubbish and screwed it up and threw it away!

If only he could see how great his little pieces are!


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