Another Week Another Slimming World Weigh In

Last week at the Slimming World weigh in I was really expecting to have put on weight.

We had been out, I had drank alcohol, and I didn’t really feel like I had eaten that great.

So when I got on the scales and it said that I had lost 2lbs I was really shocked, and I still am not entirely sure how it happened.

Now you would think that after that I would be totally focused and on point.

But I have been the complete opposite.

We left group and went to beach, now Thursdays are the nights that we have our cheat night so we did our cheat night out by the beach but we just haven’t stopped eating since then.

Mr L was helping at cub camp this weekend and went away on the Friday until Sunday and one thing came out of that, we need to be working together on this Slimming World journey, as when we are apart and doing it individually we are both bad.

I get bored on my own and reach for things that I know are bad but can not resist, like ice cream, that was my bad thing this weekend. Mr L just eats, he doesn’t think about what he can and cant eat when he is on his own he just eats.

We both had an awful weekend and have really had to try to reign it in for the week.

It was a bit like a Pringles box, once we started on the bad food we couldn’t really stop on the bad food.

It has had to be a conscious decision to make sure we get back on track, and it has meant that today has been hard.

We are both still craving junk, to be honest, and trying to get back on track today has not been easy.

But we have managed it today, and we have had a much better day.

We have also got tomorrow planned, and then we only have a couple more days until it is weigh in day again. So tomorrow I will be planning them as well.

Although I am pleased we are both approaching this with the right frame of mind.

Sometimes bad days, bad weekends, bad weeks will happen!

We can’t stick to this religiously every single minute of every single day and if we did we would get really fed up with it after a short space of time, because that is what we are like.

So it is good in a way that it is realistic and bad days do happen, but it is also good, because we can stop it and turn it around and reign it back in and get back on track.

And that is the best thing about this, and the positive about this weekend.

Even though we did have a great time, and lots of fun!

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