A Craft Room Resort

So this week I went back to work, I feel like I am harping on about it at the moment, but I have been off work for such a long time, that I have so many things to get used to again that it is taking a while to get into a rhythm.

As I was sat in the craft room yesterday making my Covered Notebook, for my order book, I realised that actually I don’t really like my craft room anymore.

I appreciate that I am really lucky to even have a craft room, and I am not complaining about the room itself. It’s just the way it is set up just isn’t working for me anymore.

I love to craft and I love having a separate room, but I feel very claustrophobic in there at the moment.

This is it as it currently stands, I have a huge amount of stuff and to be honest most of it needs to stay, there maybe a few things in there that need to go but I really doubt there is much.

I can’t currently move rooms, in the future Mr L and I will be moving our bedroom to the attic and when we do the craft room will move with us, and this will become a games room for Baba and Boo, however that will not be happening for quite a while, not until Boo is quite a bit older. Being that he is still in our room, it really wont be happening for a long time.

So until that happens I am in this room.

Feeling claustrophobic, and I am not feeling that creative whenever I go in there.

So something needs to change.

I need a good space for storing all my items, so that I can find them quickly as this will save me a lot of time and mean that I can craft quicker and easier. I need to be able to get to things and be able to put them away again quickly.

I need storage for paper, albums, stamps, inks and stickers.

I need somewhere to put my photos and somewhere to store the albums and products I make.

But because I do it as a business I need a good space to take photos of everything that I make so that I can upload it, put it on Facebook, the website and sell it.

I also need storage for my books, I have a huge pile of books, that I use for inspiration and ideas and I need to be able to access these quickly and easily.

There are so many things I need and so little space.

I think I need an afternoon of searching the internet and seeing how I can change the room. So do you have a craft room, or a home office, how is yours set up and how do you use yours?

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