A Covered Notebook and Returning to Work

So today after deciding to take maternity leave from Scrapbookerry for the last few months, I decided to return back to work.

I need to be working, I need to be bringing in some money, so that all the responsibility isn’t all on Mr L and I love running Scrapbookerry.

But this time I need to be making some money.

I have kind of pottered with Scrapbookerry for a long time now, and it is now the time that I need to turn it around. I need to redo the website and I need to start making some regular income with it, otherwise I will have to go back into the working world and I really don’t want to be leaving Baba and Boo I want to stay at home with them for as long as possible. But I need to be making some money.

For far too long I have relied solely on a website, that I am not that happy with I will be honest, and Facebook to sell my stuff. I have many ideas but have never really put them into practice, and now I need to do it.

I don’t want to just be making mini albums, I want to offer classes, and a great scrapbooker for hire service, but before I have never had the time. These things need to change.

I want to have things made for Christmas in time and this year I have opened my Christmas book as soon as I reopened the business, getting some orders in yesterday straight away. I need to be on top of things, and I need to get on top of my pictures to really show of my website whenever I can.

But there are some decisions to be made.

One do I keep the blog, or do I move all my crafting things over to here and just have the new website when it is live? It is something I have been pondering for a while and I am not sure whether it is a good idea or not? I never blog on ScrapbookerryBlog, mainly because I have been on maternity, but should I just not bother at all? Would I be better off just showing all my makes on this blog?

The other big question is how do I do my website? I want it to be accessible to all and want it to showcase everything I make but also don’t want it to be too confusing?

There are so many questions currently and so many ideas going around in my head. But slowly does it and currently I am working on my Facebook page, shouting about the business again and making a few new items.

The first being the Covered Notebook, a fab way to make notebooks more personalised, and something I had been thinking about and have been asked for a few times. I really wanted a one of order book and everything I found I didn’t like so this seemed the best time to make a covered notebook.

I had great fun making this and it is a new range that will be on offer over at Scrapbookerry. This an A5 hard back notebook with 80 pages in and I have covered the front and back of the notebook, putting in a pocket on the inside of the front and back cover for personal items and stuff!

A notebook like this will be pre made over at Scrapbookerry and can be custom ordered, and will be £13.50 including postage and packaging.

It is a great present for yourself or a loved one or friend, something completely different and unique that no one else will have!

If you interested in Scrapbookerry you can find the current, but soon to be improved website here, or on our Facebook page, or over on Twitter.

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