Twelve Months One Book

Every November, I want to get involved in the National Novel Writing Month, I see people talking about it around the web and think I should really do that.

I have tried it twice and failed miserably.

Fallen at the first hurdle really.

I find it too stressful to do it all in 30 days. I can’t switch of everything else that is happening in my life, and I just don’t find the time in those 30 days to sit down and write as much as I need to write. I suppose I should be more disciplined but it just doesn’t seem to happen.

But I still want to write that book.

Don’t they say everyone has a book in them!

Our house is full of notebooks and most of them have ideas for books in, regularly Mr L picks one up and the conversation of me writing a good idea for a book and that I should get started on writing on it happens. It happens regularly. But nothing really comes of these notebooks. I just jot my ideas into them for ‘that book’ that I will write one day and it stays in there.

And it seems I am not alone in this.

There are a few that feel the same.

So we are doing a different type of challenge.

Twelve Months, One Book.

Over the next year we will attempt to write that book.

There will be a linky on this blog the beginning of each month, that will stay open until the last day of the month, for everyone to add their latest updates of their book. There is no word limit, no rules of what has to be written, just a relaxed affair of pens to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and to let our creative juices flow and get that book written.

The first instalment will be on the 1st of December, so come back over December to see what everyone has written, and if you want to get involved then please do just add your link to the post in December.

But most of all don’t get stressed, enjoy it, and have fun writing that book.

Now the most important thing is to work out which notepad idea to go with!!! This may take me all month…

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