Training Buddy!

So Buddy has been with us for quite a while now and we are seeing the real dog now that he has settled. To be honest he is a lovely dog, and he has settled in really well.

He loves Tito, he loves Baba, he loves Mr L and he loves me.

He has a sweet-natured personality but can get a bit playful and boisterous when playing, but he is only 17 months after all so he is a little baby. We have noticed that he is lacking things though.

Buddy seems to have no manners! He barges and pushes to get to places, he jumps constantly, when you come in, up at the sides and onto you. You can be sitting on the sofa and he will literally leap onto your lap, and he really doesn’t care, whether you have a hot coffee in your hand, laptop or nothing. If he wants to sit on your lap he damn well will. He just wants to be close to you, which isn’t a bad thing but it seems to be Buddy’s comfort to be touching you in some way or other. 

He has a very big mouth and whenever we see other dogs on walks he barks and barks at them, and lounges to get knew them. We are working hard on making him sit when we are on our walks and trying to get him to be quiet. But it doesn’t always work. We think that he is just trying to get them to come and play but to be honest, we don’t 100% know and other dog owners certainly don’t know that for sure. So it is a difficult one.

We also have a slight issue with letting him off the lead, we have been told that he is fine, but again with us only ever seeing him with Tito and my sisters dog, a) we don’t know whether he will come back and b) we don’t know what he will be like if he sees another dog! So currently he is kept on the lead desperate to get off his lead bless him.

We are taking the view that Buddy is a 17 month old who actually needs to be treated like an 8 week old beagle. When Tito was a tiny pup we took him to puppy training and socialization classes and it seems that Buddy has missed these things in his growing up. We just need to establish what he is like in the areas and to get on top of his manners, and he will be a wonderful dog! He has the potential but it just needs to be brought out of him. So this is our job over the next few months, getting the best out of Buddy and bringing him up to his age with his training and experience.

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