Total Bliss

Laying on the sofa, watching TV, my legs on Mr L, Baba sitting on the floor. All watching a movie together.

Baba turns he looks, he laughs, he finds this funny.

Back to watching the TV, lazily moving from dozing to watching. No thoughts in my head, just being the here and now, no thinking, no worries, no stress.

Baba looks again he gets up, he runs over jumps on Mr L, pushes him over onto me. Giggling, Mr L is shouting “get off, get off” Baba is hysterically laughing, that gut building hysteria that makes his laugh so sound so dirty and raw.

Mr L is laughing I am laughing, Baba is tickling, and jumping on Daddy and laughing the whole time.

This is total bliss!

No worries, no stress, no concerns, just having a fun moment as a family!

The Writing Workshop is back! This week I choose the prompt Contentment!


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