The Way Of Nature

Mr L went to Rhianna’s grave I couldn’t go as well as Baba was sleeping peacefully in the car. So I sat in the car park and waited for him to come back.

Rhianna’s grave is at a cemetery that is at the top of a children’s play area and backs onto a common and is surrounded by wildlife. It is a beautiful area, and one of the many reasons that we choose for our little girl to go there.

But when you look even closer it is even more beautiful. Everything about the area is lovely. Especially the wildlife that is busy working, and doing what they have to do. There are spiders hanging, plants growing and reseeding and bugs, wasps and bees buzzing around.

This one was just by our car as Mr L was with Rhianna, it was very busy and moving about fast and eagerly working away. It didn’t take long for it to catch my eye and I knew that I had to get a picture, so while Baba slept and Mr L had time with our baby I opened up the car door and took some peaceful moments taking pictures.

It was really peaceful watching it work away, doing its job in life and never unfocussing, even though I was there with the camera making noises. It was so focussed, it was on a mission and it didn’t fail in it at all.

Maybe we should all take notice of these little bugs in life sometimes, being so motivated, not distracted and getting your job completely finished.

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