The Freedom of the Pen

Last night I did something that has not happened for a long, long time. I cleaned out the bureaux and moved a few bits around. I went upstairs found my favourite notebook, and my good old Parker fountain pen that I have had for years, went downstairs pulled a chair up by the bureaux and wrote.

Yes proper wrote no fingers on keys, but proper pen to paper writing and I felt free.

I have always admired the person that can keep a journal and write their innermost feelings in them. I have started lots I have never really stuck at any for very long. But there are lots of books in my life started and scribbled in.

I really want to complete my writing course it has become stagnant and hasn’t been looked at for a while I want that to change. This was the main reason for me to pick up the pen yesterday. Writing is just as creative as any craft. With scrapbooking, drawing or painting you try as many mediums as possible and to me there is no different with writing. My writing will only improve if I keep doing it trying things out and reading new things as well.

I love blogging and the abilities that has given me for my writing and love reading other blogs. (Although that has been minimal recently, that is all to change) But there are still some things that I want to record about myself and my life that are important to the closest people around me but really are not for the whole world to see. These are the things that stump me when I get the laptop out and feel the keys beneath my fingers, they stump me as I want to write about them and sometimes I even need to write about them. But the keys hold me back.

I am not as comfortable with the keys as I am with a pen. Yes my writing can be hard to read and late at night my spelling can be hideous but there is a freedom there that can only be achieved with that pen hitting the paper.

The flow of your hand moving across and down the page, and writing so furiously that your hand and arm begins to ache. That is the freedom that I love. That is the freedom that I need. That is something I have missed, but something I didn’t realise until I picked the pen and started to write last night.

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