The C Word…

So we have broken the seal and mentioned the C word in our house…

Yes that is right we have already started getting a few bits and bobs for Christmas!

Don’t all run away and hide!

I know a little early, but this year we are being sensible and not going over the top with Christmas. We don’t want to be spending over the usual price for things just because it is Christmas and we want to be organised and not running around at the last-minute trying to find christmas gifts for everyone. We have started on the children’s presents all ready and have a plan for Baba’s presents (being that his birthday is in October we have two sets of presents to buy). To be honest the children are the easy ones, we have ideas for them all and it is just finding the items and getting them at the best price and storing them for Christmas. 

The adults are a little more difficult though, we have cut down a lot but we still have lots to buy for even with cutting down and this year I want to be a little different. In the past I have always made Christmas presents, but this year I want to get a few unusual items and things that they don’t already have. I am thinking some hampers, or personalised items this year and these will all take a bit of time. But the end result will be amazing.

So even though we are a little early we are really getting into the swing of things. We have the list written and we slowly but surely getting things taken off the list every couple of weeks and hiding them away until the big day comes. It is a great feeling knowing that you have got something else brought for the big day!

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