Stuck, Confused and Trying To Find a Light

I am still stuck

I am not sure which way to go

I just know that currently things aren’t working

I feel a little pointless

A little like I have no worth

I seem to be plugging and plugging and going nowhere

And I am not sure how much longer I can keep going

Before enough is enough

I had a dream I followed my dream

But now I am not sure it was the right dream

I have so much support

But you can’t really support something that is doing nothing

I am not sure whether to close the doors

Or to keep going for a little longer

I am not sure if the problem is I am trying to run before I can walk

Maybe I am wanting to go to fast

Wanting to be at the end result before I can even get the beginning right

Maybe I need to readdress

Slow down and just be grateful for the smaller things

Rather than wanting the bigger things all the time

I need to focus

I need to gather

I need to get organised

And I need to be grateful that I am doing exactly what I want to be doing

I am just finding it really hard

Finding it hard to know where to start

Finding it hard to get a break

Finding it hard to remain positive when nothing is happening around me

Finding it hard to be focused on something that I seem to have lost the enthusiasm for

I need to find that enthusiasm

Find my love for what I do again

And be happy with what I am achieving every day

Rather than being sad that I am not getting to the end goal

Being patient is something I need to learn

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