Space Time By Baba Aged 3 and a half

Yesterday was a good day. Baba woke in a fantastic mood, and spent most of the morning using his imagination brilliantly. He was out in the garden first thing shouting “Emergency, emergency, push the alarm.” We then had a fire in the garden! And then we were all up in space with the “red half-moon, the red circle moon and the ALIENS” Of course the aliens where the most important.

He came back in with Tito and was making some very funny movements around Tito but then silly Mummy here realised that he was taking of Tito’s space suit and he space helmet. He had after all just been to space with Baba I should have realised that the house was safe but it was all space air in the garden. Once we were in space we had to be careful because the big black biting spiders were invading us. So Baba was the brave space man outside with his spoon getting rid off all these dangerous spiders, which are so harmful compared to our spiders on earth.

We saw a planet in space as well, it was a FIRE planet, they are common according to my child and go from red to orange in a matter of seconds.

I love listening to his imagination, it is currently the best it ever has been. He runs around when he is playing imaginatively and he gets so excited, jumping around and bouncing from one foot to another while really emphasising the important things that we are doing. Like the aliens, biting spiders, orange and red planets and the red moon! They are all so important when travelling through space.

He was smiling, he was running from the hallway to the garden at full speed to get everyone involved. Even the rabbit was given green space food (it may taste just a little like grass) but apparently it is very good and if you ever get a chance rabbits really really like it.

So the top tips I learnt today are:

  • Dogs need space suits for space, but they are ok in houses.
  • Houses are a good thing in space, as you can breathe normally you don’t need a space suit.
  • Rabbits love space, especially green space food.
  • The earth has two moons! One red half-moon, and one red full moon.
  • There is this planet that is on fire, be careful of that one, mainly because it is on fire and it changes colour from red to orange in seconds.
  • Space has biting black spiders, you be careful of them when you next go. You will need a black serving spoon they are the best to get them with. Trust me we tried them all today and Baba learnt the hard way as they did bite his hair. But he is ok he is a big brave space man he coped with it will!

These are the reasons I love this little man so much!


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