Secret Post Club – April

This is the gorgeous parcel that I received in the post, from my secret post club match. Wasn’t I spoilt!

The lovely Susie at New Day New Lesson had really done her homework. She had read about my mission for my garden and had got all of her inspiration from that. But I tell you this girl thought of everything and I am so grateful.

I got a book about gardening, three packs of seeds, radishes, scallions, and carrots, and Mr L even got himself a little shovel. All of the seeds are growing beautifully by the way, I shall take a picture when they are in the correct spot in the garden, and when I am eating them as Susie has requested!

But she didn’t stop there, she also included a book for Baba, which I have to say a huge thanks for. Baba loves to read and this book is no exception. Thank you for that.

There was also a CD about budgeting, Susie had already commented on my blog about this and so she thought that she would send me a demo so that I could have a look. How lovely is that.

Finally there was a collection of acid free shapes for me to scrapbook with. I know wow what a parcel.

I was so chuffed with all of it, and Mr L and Baba were chuffed too. Mr L was not expecting anything he was really pleased.

I just want to say a massive thank you to Susie please go take a look at her blog and have a read.

The Secret Post Club is the brain child of Heather at Notes From Lapland if you are interested in joining then please Click Here

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