Reasons To Be Cheerful 1, 2, 3 Week 1

Mummy From The Heart has set up this great weekly post for reasons to be cheerful, you can read all about it here. Basically the idea is simple write a post listing three things you are grateful / thankful for at that point in time. 

A really simple but effective thing and something that I really wanted to be involved in as I think we easily forget things to be thankful for in the daily grind of life, and get wrapped up in moaning about things.

So here are my three things for this week.

1) Baba went back to playschool this week after the Christmas holidays, we finished the term last year crying every time we went. As soon as we pulled into the drive, Baba would start crying and I would have to peel him off me in tears and dump him on his keyworker. He was fine within a few minutes, but it was still heartbreaking to have to do every friday. Yesterday he climbed out of the car and walked in with no issues at all. He happily put his basket down, put his bag in it and then went and hung up his coat. Before I knew it he was off playing and didn’t even give me a second glance. It was lovely to see.

2) Mr L had work! Yeah! This time is always unpredictable, he is a self-employed groundworker and the weather and being January we never know whether he will be going straight back after Christmas. He went back the day he was supposed to. This year we were lucky!

3) My friend having her baby and getting a few sneaky cuddles in while Baba was at mums. Little G was born on New Years Day and is a gorgeous little bundle of sweetness, and I was absolutely dying for a cuddle. Baba had gone to mums on Tuesday so that I could blitz the house and managed to arrange an afternoon visit, so I got to have two hours of uninterrupted baby cuddles. I forgot how much I loved baby smells. That was bliss.

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