Quick and Easy 3D Hand Picture

I saw this idea on Facebook after a friend posted it on her page, and instantly thought it was a great thing to do with Baba.

We tried it last week and it was as easy as it looks.

And it actually turned out ok, for our first attempt I was really pleased. There are a couple of things that probably need to be done differently if we do it again, Baba needs to spread his fingers wider apart and I need to do deeper circles inside the hand.

But for our first attempt I am really pleased.

Baba didn’t want to colour this one in although he has said that he wants to do it again and colour in the next one, so it is something we will be trying in the Summer holidays again. It is quick easy and actually does work, it looks great on the paper and Baba was quite fascinated about the finished project.

A great simple, kids activity, that doesn’t need a lot of set up, or mess that can be repeated again and again!

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