I Am…

I am a multitude of things

Ranging from a mother,

A partner,

A daughter,

A sister,

An aunt,

A friend.

But it doesn’t stop there

I am the house keeper

The washing lady

The ironing lady

The cleaner

The dog walker

I am the business woman

The artist

The writer

The lady behind the ideas

I am the secretary

The one who deals with the phone calls, and emails

I am the advisor

I am the one that gives the cuddles

The one that listens

The one that doesn’t say I told you so

I am the one that laughs with you

I am the one you laugh at

The one that does something stupid every day

I am me

I am complex

I am difficult

I am emotional

I shout and scream and cry

I laugh and giggle and have a cackle

I love unconditionally until it hurts

I am quiet

I am loud

Depending on my mood

I am just me

Accept me I accept you

It’s just the way we are!

This post has been done for Josie’s Writing Workshop this week. I chose the words, I AM. Please pop over to see other people’s posts.

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