Homemade Peg Bag

For ages now I have wanted a peg bag, there is nothing more annoying than having the line filled with clothes pegs when there is no washing on there, and it is something really silly but something that really bugs me.

As my pegs are always outside every year I have to buy a whole new set as over the winter they just break and fall apart and it drives me a little mad.

But to be honest as with many things I couldn’t find a peg bag that I actually liked.

So I thought long and hard about it and decided the best thing was to actually make my own.

After all it wasn’t a difficult thing, it was a bag which I can do, but one with a hole in on side to fit your hand and the pegs in.

Seemed simple enough and I have my lovely sewing machine now so I thought I may as well try it out and see how it turns out.

I didn’t make it any more complicated than that, I cut out a circle and hemmed the edges of the circle, and then folded the bag inside out and sewed down all of the sides, once this was done I folded the bag the correct way, and then sewed a little ribbon on the top of the bag either side to tie the bag onto the clothes line and to hang it from a hook indoors when it isn’t being used, so that there are no more nails hanging outside all year.

It is far from perfect, and I am sure if someone who sews properly saw it they would be disgusted with the bad sewing, but you know what I am so incredibly pleased with it.

I changed the bobbin colour for the bag, I have sewn around a circle, far from perfect but the first time I have done it. But most of all I have sewn something that I will use regularly in the house, and yes the hole could have been smaller, and probably a little higher. But it doesn’t matter I love it anyway.

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