This Saturday I went off to the September Tropic Glambassadors.

It has taken me a few days to recover to be honest, hence the lack of blogging.

A group of us drove up together leaving at 6 which meant I left at 5am and got in just before midnight. So Sunday I was shattered and didn’t really achieve anything.

Monday I spent the day cleaning the house as the boys had been left to it for the whole of Saturday and it needed a little blitz. And yesterday I finally got to sit down and have a little look at the new catalogue that has been brought out.

I saw all the new products on Saturday and I have to say I absolutely love them. I haven’t got them all at home yet but I do have a couple of them and the ones that I have currently tried I completely love as usual really.

Once again the new product launch has not disappointed and I am really excited to be showing these products for the winter months. But I am still catching up this week.

Our car is broken and to be honest it is quite good that I can’t go anywhere as it means that I can just sit down and watch the training videos and do the reading on all the new products.

And there is loads of information to learn and I love this bit, I find it all so interesting and love learning about the new ingredients and what the products can be used for.

You know you love your job, when you literally can’t wait to learn all about the new products!!


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