Fussy Eater

Baba has always been an amazing eater, what ever we put in front of him, he eats.

In fact the only thing he doesn’t eat, is peppers, anything else he will have in some form or another.

It is a joy to feed him as he loves food. He is like his dad and nothing like me, as I am fussy with food, and I lack inspiration with what to do with food. But I have got a lot better as I have got older.

Boo however is a whole new level of loving food.

He doesn’t end of.

He barely eats and it is a battle that we go through every day.

If he could live of cheese spread and Marmite sandwiches he would.

He will eat cold things, he loves ham, cheese, chorizo, pepperoni, crisps, bananas, apples, strawberries, grapes, yoghurts, cakes, and biscuits.

He loves cooked ham, and bacon and he may eat some chicken if we are lucky, and pasta, pizza (only pepperoni) and garlic bread, and sausages but basically that is all he will eat.

No potatoes, no veg, and hardly any meat.

He is super fussy, he wont try anything and would rather not eat than attempt to try anything new.

Meal times are a chore with him.

Even if it is something he likes he will have about two mouthfuls and say he is full.

So getting him to eat that can be a chore.

It makes every evening a tad stressful and we really need to sort something to help him eat some more.

I am not really sure where to start I have never had to deal with a fussy child and this is all new I have to admit. But he needs to eat more. There is no question about that.

The problem is I am just not sure how to get him to do that!

So if any of you have any amazing ideas for a fussy eater I would be super grateful.

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