For Sale

So it is official.

We have put our house up For Sale, after go round and round with the idea for the last few months.

Well to be honest, for the last few years Mr L has been mentioning putting the house up for sale and I have kind of ignored him as much as possible.

But this time, I listened a little more, we looked into the market more and decided that this time it was probably the best time to put it on the market.

We don’t think we will ever get more for our house, and will be selling it at the peak price it can get.

And it is the right time for us, it is needed and it will be a good move for us.

I am excited, because it will be freeing and it will make a hell of a lot of difference to us moving.

But it hasn’t come easy.

There have been a lot of tears, and lots of back and forth, of whether it is the right thing, whether it is a bad thing, whether we should stay on the market, whether we should take it off the market.

And then there have been the tears.

I never really thought we would leave this house until we were old and grey and to be honest I totally love this house, but it is the right time.

I know it’s the right time.

We both know its the right time.

But it doesn’t make it easy.

I have this strange hang up, about it being the only house Rhianna is associated with.

And I know that is silly.

Rhianna was never brought her, she never lived her, she never took a breath her.

But that doesn’t matter, she was supposed to come home here.

She had a room planned for her here.

Her life was mapped out here.

Her friends were going to grow in this house, like her brothers.

Her first steps.

First words and first laugh were all going to be here.

And it has really upset me that whatever house, however amazing, will never be the house she should have come home to.

And that has stung.

Really badly.

I know it is irrational.

I know it is silly.

It doesn’t mean the tears have gone away and it doesn’t hurt.

I will still cry many times between now and taking our first step into our next home.

I know I will.

Moving house when it is just you and your hubby is easy.

So easy.

This moving house with 2 kids and one in heaven and 2 dogs is really hard work.

But I know we will find one very soon.

Until then it is a little stressful as we currently aren’t really 100% sure where we are going.

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