Dear So And So…this week!

To the rash,

Do you not think it is hard enough that poor Baba has been through enough with the operation. Does he really have to contend with you as well? It is a little bit mean, will you just do one so that we can get on with everything. Thanks.

Baba’s Mummy xxx


To Baba,

You have been so brave this week I am so impressed and so happy, and so is Daddy. You amazed both of us, from the moment you entered the hospital right up until now. You are coping so well, with the operation, the aftercare, the allergic reaction and the discomfort. You are such a brave boy I never thought you would be this good. So for that I thank you and give you such a big hug, my big brave boy!

Love you Mummy xxx


To my Readers,

Thank you, you have all been so lovely. Firstly for letting me go on and on about Baba’s operation and his recovery and still come back it must be very boring for you. Secondly for being so supportive when we needed it thank you.

It will get back to normal asap.

Kerry xxx


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