Dear So And So… The Weekend

Dear The Weekend,

This weekend we are going to kick some serious butt! I have a list a mile long, but I am going to get through it and you are not going to know what has hit you. I am warning you, it ain’t going to be easy and it ain’t going to be pretty. But your sweet behind is going to be smacked from one side to another and you will be happy about it!

A very motivated me!


Dear Fatty Tissue

I have had enough of you know, you have been hanging around for far too long. Actually a whole two years too long. You are like a cling on.

Well you know what, cling off! I know longer want to see you.

Before you arrived I liked the way I looked, now I don’t. You have made me unhappy. Now I appreciate you may be happy where you are, as it is warm, you don’t have to do anything and you just multiply. Well I am not. You are hideous, and I find you quite disgusting.

Get lost, and disappear for ever. This is your final warning you are off!


A fitter and leaner me!


Dear Baba

You are a star in the making.

You may off only stood long enough to shout ‘Mummy’ and then run off the stage. But you know what you are two years old. I think that is fine for your first Nativity.

Nanny was proud, Auntie Gemsie was proud, Mummy was proud and so was Daddy when he got home!

We love you our little star!

Love Your Mummy xxx

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