Dear So And So…The Argghhh One

Dear Mr L’s Viral Throat Infection, and Viral Chest Infection,

Seriously will you take a flaming running jump.

For nearly a week, that is 4 DAYS I have had him home being ill. I am not flippantly saying that he has been to the doctors twice in four days, that is unheard off. What the hell are you doing will you disappear. He is poorly it is horrible we have had enough go, now go and don’t come back.

Thanks Disgruntled Other Half!


Dear Baba’s Antibiotics,

Do you know what you are the first ever antibiotics Baba took. He didn’t like you that was for sure, but he took you.

That is all that matters, and yes it was a little annoying that he would only take it off me, but you know what he took you. For that I am eternally thankful.

You are allowed in the house again, I promise.

A very happy Mummy xx


Dear Bug/Cold/Sickness

Go away from me now!

I am not impressed that you have decided to land on me today, do you not realise I am off to London tomorrow for a conference. I have a business to start, finish the house sort some work for my brother in law and get Baba ready for his operation. I do not, I repeat do not have the time to be ill.

So when I go to bed tonight, this sickness/cold/bug needs to be whipped out of my system meaning that I wake bright and breezy tomorrow and ready to go up to London town! OK you understanding this, let me just spell it out in case you aren’t.


OK you got that?

A very unhappy person who wants to go to London


Dear Euro Millions

You know we work hard for our money, but cut us some slack will you.

Let us win tonight.

Will love you forever

Ta very muchly xxx


Dear Readers,

Thanks for coming back after all the changes yesterday, what do you think? Liking the new look?

I hope that you do.

Promise there wont be any other major changes soon.

Thanks xxx


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