Creative Writing

A couple of days ago I wrote this post I was waiting for a response from an email and I am glad to say that yesterday I got that response and it was the answer that I wanted. So pleased. But before I tell you what it was a little background first.

When Baba was born I really wanted to do something different and decided to sign up to a Creative Writing Course. That was in January 2009, in hindsight it was probably a stupid time to join a course, I had a three-month old baby and lots of stuff was going on in our lives at the time. To say I was under pressure was an understatement and to be honest it showed by the end of the year I had submitted one module in the August and that was it. The course was put to one side and was something that I would pick up again…

Well over two years later and it still wasn’t picked up. But I had an urge to get started again, but was not 100% sure I would be able to re enrol on the course and get cracking on with it.

So I sent a hesitant email enquiring whether I could resume my studies and waited for the response with bated breath.

Yesterday I got my email saying that I could carry on with my studies, as I registered before time limits were put into the courses. So I am once again taking up my Creative Writing Course and I can not wait. Yesterday I went to buy a few supplies, stationary and books and for the first time in over two years sat at the bureaux and started looking over a few things, I have my next two modules and I can not wait to get cracking. This time I have set myself a time limit I would like to have the course all finished by the end of next year, so I have just under 13 months. But I can not wait I am so excited to be studying writing again and will be writing about my journey on here.

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