Codie, Codie, Codie.

Saturday Baba had golf, as he does every Saturday.

We went to the lesson, and then went on to do a little shopping. To keep the boys happy we promised that we would go to the pet shop to look at the animals once we had finished the shopping.

They were quite happy with this.

Once we were in there, we had a little nose at the animals up for adoption, and found that there were a few hamsters, and a couple of Russian Dwarf Hamsters.

Baba loves hamsters, as do I, however he really doesn’t like holding hamsters. We have had a couple of Syrian hamsters, one before Baba was born and one that he brought himself.

He really wanted another hamster and had some birthday money left over, but as we reminded him he doesn’t want to really hold them, he wants to watch them. To be honest a Syrian hamster was quite boring for him, as he never got to see him as he was always awake when Baba was asleep.

But he was determined, and it didn’t take a lot to convince me. As I am always up for getting another pet.

So we managed to get Mr L round to the idea of finding out more about one of the Russian Dwarf Hamsters up for sale. Once we got chatting to the lady in the shop, she told us that actually the Russian’s are quite hard to catch, but are great to give a stroke to and to watch in their cages.

They seemed a perfect fit to Baba, and just what he wanted.

The adoption fee was also the exact amount that Baba had left from his birthday money.

So after our normal golf lesson, we managed to walk out of the pet shop with a new Russian Dwarf Hamster.

Another pet to add to the other three!

But he is very cute, and both the boys love him, and so far he seems to have settled in really well.

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