Chalk Paintings

We decided to make the most of the sunny weather the other day.

Baba loves to draw and there is a perfect canvas out on our front garden in the lovely slabbed path that Mr L did a couple of years ago.

The best thing was it was hot but this area of our garden was completely shaded so Baba was able to stay out of the sun but enjoy the warm weather for as long as he wanted.

We managed to find his chalks, unfortunately we only had small chalks and do need to get some large outdoor chalks for in the future.

But we had a selection of colours, which was the main thing and these ones are easier for Baba to hold.

I told Baba that he could draw whatever he wanted. He decided that he wanted to do some monsters to scare Daddy as he came home.

He had one rule only to draw on our path apart from that he could do what he wanted.

He had great fun, and really concentrated on his drawings.

It really did keep him amused for ages, and he spent a long time drawing and then standing back and seeing what it looked like and then drawing again.

He was so happy with what he finished.

It was a great scary monster, and he loved it.

Chalk painting is something that we have never tried before but something that we will be doing again, as it was a great cheap but fun activity that also kept him amused and focused for ages.


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