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Researching and Saving

It is that time of the year when all our finances are at out accountants and we are putting our figures into the tax credits, and we finally know what we have earned over the last year! It is always a little depressing to know what […]

A Dream Holiday

We love living in the country and not being that far from some lovely beaches and when we go away we love to do the same thing. We love being on holiday in the country, and not to far from the beach. We have had […]

Researching Car Insurance

Our car insurance is up for renewal very soon, and this year I decided that I would be a bit more frugal about my car insurance. Instead of just taking no notice and renewing the insurance again. I decided that this year I would compare […]

Spring Is Coming!

Today has been a lovely spring day, the sun has been shining, the weather hasn’t been that cold and all of us have enjoyed being outdoors for a while, not freezing for a change. The weather has got me thinking. Thinking that my garden could […]

It’s The Time Of Year Again

So it has started, it is that time again, the time of the year when the letters start dropping on my mat. The different offers and different rates and different terms and conditions, the bright letters enticing you to join them and offering you the […]

Last Minute Christmas Presents

You know when you think you have the last of your Christmas presents and then realise that actually there are a couple of people missing, and they are not the easiest of people to buy for. You know the ones, the ones that have everything, […]

Which Gadget Next?

Unbelievably for a person who isn’t that great at cooking we have a lot of kitchen gadgets in our house. They are mainly quirky gadgets that other people look at and actually have to ask us that they are one of these is our halogen […]

Help Dora Help

Have you heard about the new campaign from Nick Jr. The Help Dora Help Campaign, this is a great campaign bringing exploration to life in nurseries and preschools. Baba loves to explore his environment and learn new things and this is one of the reasons […]

Look What I did!

I am very proud, I know sad but proud still. I have some home-grown food and this is a first for our household, we never usually get to this point. But today we have! Look at our home-grown lettuce! I am now sitting with a […]

Break out the Fizz: Tesco Bank Announces One Millionth Pet Insurance Policy

And she’s not the only one as Brits name pets after their favourite tipple! Tesco Bank, the UK’s most successful supermarket bank, has announced it has sold its one millionth pet insurance policy in the UK. The millionth pet to have been insured by Tesco […]