Bacon and Potato Layer Bake

My boys love bacon it is their favourite food, and always the go to food if there is nothing else to eat, they also love potatoes. So when I saw this bacon and potato layer bake online I knew it would be a hit in our house.

It is a really simple recipe and one of those that you really can make with hardly anything left in your cupboards. I found the recipe here, and it was one that I knew would be easy to make.

Only using potatoes, bacon, an onion, chicken stock, cheese and butter it is not a recipe that needs anything special and it is really simple to make.

I slightly changed it from the recipe knowing what my family likes.

I used five potatoes, and sliced them thinly

I used a full pack of Smoked Bacon

One onion

A full pack of cherry tomatoes sliced in half, these again are the boys favourites so I wanted lots in there

200mls of chicken stock

150g of cheese grated

A little butter I just used a dollop

I cooked the potato slices for a few minutes in a saucepan, and then drained them.

I fried up the bacon and onions together.

I then greased a dish and layered the pan with potatoes, then bacon and onions, tomatoes and cheese and a little butter and repeated until the pan was full, finishing with a potato layer covered in cheese. I then poured the chicken stock into the pan around all the layers, and added a little butter to the top of the dish.

I didn’t cover the dish with foil as our cooker never cooks properly like that instead I left my bake in the oven for just under an hour.

When it came out it looked so yummy, and smelt so good.

And it really was good, the boys wolfed it down and both wanted more, and everyone loved it.

It is a meal that we will be cooking again, it is easy to do, the kids love it and it is something that doesn’t need any fancy ingredients.

It also feels like you are eating something really unhealthy when you really aren’t! Which is always a bonus.

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