A Slimpod Update

In January I restarted my Thinking Slimmer Slimpod journey, it has been a few months now and I thought I would post another Slimpod update.

So where am I at?

Well after thinking that not a lot has changed things have changed now a few months down the line I have realised a lot of things have changed. My weight is going down slowly but it is going, I am 8lbs lighter than I was in January and I have gone up and down pound by pound, loosing one, gaining one, but I am lighter that is the main thing.

But my biggest changes have been drinking.

I know drink.

Most days I drink 2 litres of water which is amazing, in January I could go most of the day without a drink so this is a huge thing for me and I notice when I don’t drink. Really notice, I can feel myself wanting a drink and this is something completely new for me, before I never really understood when I was thirsty. So it is massive.

I have also noticed I am changing with my food.

I have an issue with sugar, I think it is going to be a long road to change it, but I am trying and not feeling guilty about it. If I want something sugary I will have it but I am more and more reaching for the fruit bowl instead, or the salad bowl.

A couple of weekends ago we brought a BBQ and what I enjoyed the most was the salad, that was premade and the gorgeous pork and chicken. I could have lived off them for days. Whereas usually I would be all about the burgers, buns and sausages.

I even started to exercise, which was put on hold as I have hurt my arm, but I am missing doing it and will gradually start again, and I am wanting to walk more and be outside more.

All these things are massive changes.

I am much more interested in cooking, and am trying to be more adventurous with my cooking and realising what is in our food before we eat it. I am taking my time and making sure I know exactly what is in our food before we put it on our plate.

But the biggest thing I have noticed is wanting to be aware of what is happening to me and preparing.

I want to know how many steps I am taking, how much I am drinking and how well I am sleeping, and this week that has been made all the easier with Mr buying me a smart watch. It is simple but one that does all of those things. I can see the amount of steps I am taking, I can be reminded to drink, although I am a lot better at that now a days and I can actually see how well I am sleeping. Which is another huge thing as I am such a bad sleeper and this is the thing that I am really focusing on at the moment and trying to improve how I sleep and the length of time I actually sleep for.

I love this gadget and have been using it solidly for the last 24 hours and it has really helped to see how much I do move and drink and sleep. So I can’t wait to see how this changes over the next few weeks.

Preparing is another big thing, if I don’t think about what we are eating and prepare for the week old habits slip in. It’s hard to keep my head in that frame of mind, but I am trying to make this a bit easier. I need to do things in bulk, at the weekend I made a huge salad and that was great for a couple of days worth of lunches, these are the things I need to be doing. Making salads in advance and cous cous and preparing anything I need for dinners in advance.

If I can get on top of that I think I will be laughing.

So what do I think of Slimpod, I love it, I seriously have not realised any of these changes are happening but they are and they are big changes and important ones that are making my life better and healthier. So am I still using it, yes everyday and think that will remain for a long time, I can not see that changing. Why would it, it is changing me for the better without even realising!

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