A Blogging Schedule

Recently blogging has taken a massive back seat.

Life is so busy which is great and wonderful.

But I am missing blogging.

I am missing writing things down.

Recording our life.

Writing about the boys.

Writing about Rhianna.

Keeping a record of all our crafts.

But I just run out of hours in the day.

I am at my happiest when I blog regularly.

It helps to write everything down.

It really helps with my grief and has got me through so much since loosing Rhianna.

But it doesn’t always work out that way.

Instead I have ideas of what to blog.

I scribble things down, but nothing else happens.

I go days and days, weeks even without a post written

And it really bugs me.

Blogging is almost my therapy.

When I am feeling my lowest about Rhianna I want to, I need to blog.

I need to write my feelings down, I need to get them out.

And it helps massively.

But I also I enjoy it.

I love writing about what the boys do.

The funny things they say.

Writing about what they have been up to.

I just love writing.

But I just need to work out a way to make it a regular thing in my day

I need to fit in blogging along with everything else

I want to fit in blogging with everything else

But I just can’t seem to work out how.

How do you fit in blogging with everything else?

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