Changing a Change

Last week I wrote about changing the Scrapbookerry Logo and the website, I worked hard on it for a few days and then stopped.

There was something not right and I couldn’t put my finger on it but I wasn’t happy with it.

I got a few close friends to look at what I had done and they all agreed, and some even said they preferred the previous design.

I don’t want to keep the website where it is because of the limitations that I have with that site, I want to move it but what I had done so far was not working.

And now I am not really sure where to go with it.

I am a little annoyed at myself for putting all that work in and now not liking it and a little annoyed as I am not overly sure where to know go with it!

I thought I had an idea that is what idea I was working with and that idea hasn’t worked out.

So it is back to the drawing board trying to find something that I like and want to do again.

And it needs to be done quick.

As I am not happy with my website, I am not downloading new products to it and am only relying on Facebook and Twitter to sell my products at the moment, but there is so much more I could do with a functioning website.

So I need to decide currently I am a little stuck on my home page, I am trying to decide whether to have a home page with a selection of pictures linking to the other pages, or a home page with a lot of writing and information? What would you prefer?

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