Kids Activities

The Weekend Of Firsts

This weekend has been a weekend of firsts. It was the first time I went out on my own after having Boo, and it was the first time leaving Mr L completely in charge. He did have it a little easy as Baba decided that […]

Our First Time Crabbing

The weather here recently has been the best weather Baba has probably ever experienced. But it does come at a price in our house, not that I am complaining but I suffer badly with hay fever and this year both Mr L and Baba have […]

Garden Revamp!

We decided to change our garden, yet again, I think every year we decide to change our garden and give it a revamp. Although this year was a little different. In past years we have tried to lay grass and getting Buddy proved the death […]

Growing Our Own Food

This year Mr L built a vegetable patch in our garden for us to have a go at growing our own food. I grew up with my parents growing their own vegetables, and Baba has always shown a great interest in their huge vegetable patch. […]

Loving Games

Over the past year Baba has developed a love for games. Any board game he seems to love. He started to show a love for them just after his birthday last year which meant over Christmas he got a lot of games. He got some […]

Chalk Paintings

We decided to make the most of the sunny weather the other day. Baba loves to draw and there is a perfect canvas out on our front garden in the lovely slabbed path that Mr L did a couple of years ago. The best thing […]

Learning And Cards

Baba is at that age where he constantly wants to learn new things. Favourite sayings at the moment are “What does that say?” “Why does that do that?” “What’s this?” etc He is literally a sponge soaking up all the information possible, and as he […]

Salt Dough Presents

In November I started to think of things that Baba could get people for Christmas, and for the first time he was involved in what he wanted  to get everyone and he quickly said that he wanted to make presents. We had various ideas thrown […]

The First Cinema Trip

A couple of weeks ago we took Baba on a first outing for him. To the cinema! Baba has been on for about a month now that he wanted to go to the cinema, and I have to admit it has been in our minds […]

Fruit Picking

I have been a little quiet this Summer Holiday, but that has mainly been because Baba and I have been doing lots and lots of things we have been making this summer special and he has a list of firsts that he has done these […]