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Planning Our Summer

Planning Our Summer

The first day of the summer holidays I set the boys a challenge to write down things that they wanted to do in the summer. We did a list like this last year, but I massively helped the boys. This year they went ahead and […]

Sweet Science

A few weeks ago I saw the lovely Edspire doing some science play with some sweets and knew instantly Baba would love this sweet science. He is a bit of a science freak and I knew that he would love watching what happens when you add […]

Homemade Play Doh

Baba has always been a play doh lover, but we haven’t really every used it with Boo. Mainly because he puts everything in his mouth. As he has got older he has got better with putting things in his mouth, but I am still aware that […]

Rocking Chair Reading Nook

I am a firm believer that there should be lots of books in your house. Children should grow up with the ability to lose themselves into a book, in a fantasy that no one else can ruin. There should be a space where they can […]

Baba’s Bug Hotel

Baba loves bugs, he always has and probably always will. Nothing makes him happier than being outside digging in the dirt and looking for bugs. He picks up snails, like they are the most precious being in the world, and we all get shouted and […]

Quick and Easy 3D Hand Picture

I saw this idea on Facebook after a friend posted it on her page, and instantly thought it was a great thing to do with Baba. We tried it last week and it was as easy as it looks. And it actually turned out ok, […]

Baba and the Keyboard

Baba is a fast learner, he always has been, and he’s a sponge. He is desperate to learn. He wants to learn something new all the time. He gets bored very easily and that is when his behaviour pushes you to the limit. So this […]

The Loom Bands Have Landed

I knew that it wouldn’t be long. Being that his cousin is obsessed with them. It was always going to happen. Baba asked for them in the half term break, I kind off ignored the request for a while. After Father’s Day and seeing his […]

Baba’s ‘I’m Bored’ Jar

Baba has a new saying “I’m bored” I will be honest it drives me totally and utterly insane. He has been saying it for a while but with the half term starting it has got ten times worse and it really does drive me to […]

Listening Reward Chart

Baba has never listened, he has always been a child that you have to tell three times at least before he actually listens and does do something. It is quite possibly one of his worse habits. Recently his behaviour hasn’t been great and it seems […]